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Riverwest 24 Re-Brand

April 2022

Another project part of the University of Wisconsin's Digital Skills: UX/UI program, I was tasked with Re-Branding a community event that could use a brand lift up.  

The project goals were to research the current brand and then create the following:​

  • A New Logo

  • A Brand Guide

  • Marketing Deliverables

What is Riverwest 24?

Riverwest 24 is a community bicycle race in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. For 24 hours, individuals, duos, or teams of 6 ride loops around the neighborhood. Teams can gain points from completing loops and participating in community-hosted Bonus Checkpoints. 



Riverwest 24 Square Logo
Riverwest 24 Horizontal Logo

The main part of the logo is the people-made bicycle gear.: Different people coming together complete the 24-hour day. Riverwest 24 has the goal of bringing the community together and this icon achieves this. 

The font choice, GIN, invokes the history of the Riverwest neighborhood as a distillery and brewing hub of Milwaukee.

Brand Guide

Brand Guide


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