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Anycity Ants

February/March 2022

Anycity Ants Icon

As part of the University of Wisconsin's Digital Skills: UX/UI program. My first task was to design a Homepage for a fictitious NBA team Anycity Ants. 

The project goals were to create a Homepage layout that included:

  • Announcement about the signing of superstar Mugsy Bogusse

  • The date when season tickets go on sale and a link

  • A link to the team store where fans can buy apparel

As well as the following Instagram Posts

  • A minimalist post revealing the Ants’ new logo

  • A post announcing the signing of superstar Mugsy Bogusse

  • A post announcing the first home game of the season



Anycity Ants Style Tile

Web Layout

Mockup Mobile and Desktop




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